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Volume 1, 2022

Happiness inspires us to be more productive

At some point we will all come across a conflict. There are three main types of conflict, man versus man, man versus nature, and man versus self. The most common conflict at work is man versus man, that could lead to misunderstandings, closed-mindedness, and passive-aggressive behavior. The key trigger to conflict is poor communication.

If you come across a conflict, always remember to be calm, listen actively, analyze the conflict, work together, agree to disagree, and accept that the conflict happened and focus on moving forward. We all need happiness at work, talk out your emotions. “It’s not necessarily the reality that shapes us, but the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality.”

Watch more below about the happy secret to better work, happiness inspires us to be more productive:


Q: When you come across a conflict at work, how will you respond? 

It is in the BBNC Code of Ethics, As a BBNC employee, [i] will:

  • Operate with [i]ntegrity;
  • Be honest;
  • Respect those around me;
  • Comply with the law; and
  • Support and Promote BBNC’s Culture of [i]ntegrity

Each and every BBNC employee is a champion for our corporation and its values. BBNC’s success, and that of its subsidiaries, depends not only on high-quality products and services, but on each and every employee’s dedication to ethical behavior.

Pause.Stop.Think. Refer to the code or reach out to us in the Compliance Department. We are here to help you.

Conflict resolution activities, games & ideas for work in 2022


Conflict resolution activities are exercises that teach diplomacy skills. For example, debates and What Would You Do? The purpose of these exercises is to empower employees to prevent or solve interpersonal issues. These ideas are good team building games, problem solving games and relationship building exercises.

See examples below:

  1. Conflict resolution activities;
  2. Conflict resolution games;
  3. Conflict resolution ideas; and
  4. Team conflict resolution exercises

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Where can I access BBNC Resources?

Policies, Resolutions, Minutes and other business records can be found on the InfoNet Resource Library.


Please send policies, procedures, handbooks, manuals, and related documents to rwardlaw@bbnc.net for inclusion in the BBNC Resource Library.