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Volume 11, 2020

A Culture for Success

Award-winning speaker and author Simon Sinek declares, “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” It’s a great philosophy and how all businesses should approach their own corporate culture. Dell’s Culture Code is an excellent example of an organization leveraging the talents and dedication of their teams.


Q: How will companies maintain the strong corporate cultures they have worked to build during these challenging times? 

A: From an employee perspective, it is clear when a company’s culture is driven by its mission, vision, purpose, values, and most importantly, demonstrated by leadership. Effective leaders at every level are transparent and consistent in communicating with their teams, not sharing only good or bad news but considering every employee a critical player in future successes. Keeping teams engaged and informed on wins and challenges that lie ahead in order to maintain the culture they’ve built will be key in maintaining strong, ethical corporate cultures for the future.

If you have questions related to compliance matters, please contact the BBNC Compliance Department. We’re here to help!

2021 workplace trends show an emphasis on people

The human element is playing a more profound role at work. Maintaining a focus on the well-being of employees, the importance of inclusive work environments and keeping abreast of compliance matters — are also some of the workforce trends for 2021.

What compliance can do to advance diversity and inclusion efforts

Workplace culture as it pertains to diversity and inclusion is at an inflection point, with ethics and compliance teams in a crucial position to drive real and meaningful change in their organizations.

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