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Volume 7, 2021

Efficient leadership in the digital era

Tasks and work completed by a team or department are encompassed within the definition of workplace efficiency. In order for an employee to be quantified as efficient, they must work diligently and purposefully towards their tasks completion. Efficient employees typically complete tasks based on priority.

“In business today, the need for innovation and rapid decision-making trumps yesterday’s drive for efficiency. Charlene Li explains that it’s less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees to acquire the information they need, so they can make their own decisions.”

If you are interested in hearing Charlene Li’s seminar, tune in below.


Q: You have a concern about an employee but are not sure if you should report it because of the fear of retaliation. 

Speak Up, Speak Out, and report it.

When you have a concern about something that may contradict BBNC’s code, speak up, speak out, and report it. BBNC maintains an open-door policy for employees to ask questions or raise concerns regarding BBNC’s policies, subsidiary policies, the law, or ethical conduct. Persons who speak up in good faith to protect our companies will be protected in return.

If you are concerned about anything, reach out to your supervisor, your Department Head, or the HR or Compliance departments.  We are here to help!

Top 10 ways to improve employee efficiency

With the world shifting the way we work, companies are evaluating what’s the most effective way to build their workforce. A study about remote work from the last year have shown productivity is up 47% while working remotely from home.

So how can leaders and managers improve employee productivity while still saving time. If you are interested read more below.

the power of keystone habits

Keystone habits are the routines and practices by which someone operates. They  mark the base level of what you do without any need for willpower or persuasion. Whether positive or negative, each of these habits has a ripple effect across everything you do in life and business.

Habits are powerful. “Keystone habits don’t create a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but they can spark chain reactions that help other good habits take hold.” Being efficient will have a huge impact on life and business.

Here are eight simple keystone habits that can change your life for the better. If you are interested, read more below.

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