2020 BBNC Leadership & Compliance Virtual Conference – Communication & Collaboration

BBNC hosted its Annual Compliance and Leadership Conference virtually.  The Conference live-streamed from BBNC Corporate’s headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. Attendees heard strategic and financial updates from BBNC Executive Leadership, a compliance update from the BBNC Compliance Department, a Keynote Presentation from Tim Sanders, and presentation of this year’s Leadership and Compliance Conference Awards.

Congratulations to this year’s Awardees:

Laura Yelling, President & CEO of PetroCard (High Character Leadership Award)

The Government Services Group (Ethical Leadership Award)

Icy Lee, General Manager of STS Government Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of the Government Services Group (Emerging Leader Award)

CCI Industrial Services, a member company of Bristol Bay Industrial (Culture of Safety Award)

2020 Leadership & Compliance Virtual Conference Resources

Magic Meetings, an excerpt from Dealstorming – By Tim Sanders

Collaboration Innovation (Problem Brief) Template

Summarized Executive Team Fireside Chat with Q&A

The BBNC Executive Team responded to anonymous questions submitted through our electronic conference tool, MeetingPulse.  We are grateful to the Executive Team’s commitment to continued communication and collaboration.  Please click on each question to view a written, summarized response.

We are approaching the end of the 5-year strategic plan. How did BBNC measure up to its original expectations? What are BBNC’s strategic plans for the next 5 or 10 years?

Overall, BBNC’s past 4 years have been successful.  Through various economic, political, and financial environments, BBNC has superseded its fiscal goals and accomplished countless milestones for its Shareholders.  BBNC should be proud of its hard work and achievements.  Overall, our Shareholders are proud of BBNC’s success, primarily due to your hard work.

Which of the five business lines will see the most growth in the next five years?

The business lines most likely to grow in the next five years are the Seafood and Industrial business lines.  BBNC expanded its family of companies to include a Seafood business line in 2019.  Since that time, BBNC has set the foundation for growth by hiring an experienced executive leadership team.  This leadership time works alongside BBNC to identify and analyze potential acquisition opportunities.  The Industrial Services business line continues to grow organically through business development opportunities and externally through successful acquisitions.  While these business lines may see the most growth, the Government Services business line and Construction Services business line continues to experience growth through bolt-on acquisitions.  Additionally, the Tourism business line will explore key acquisitions in the hospitality and aviation industries.

Considering the theme of communication and collaboration, how will BBNC, as a parent company, effectively communicate and collaborate with its subsidiaries about BBNC goals, projects, and initiatives?

Communication and collaboration have always been important to BBNC.  This is more important than ever as BBNC increases its employees, business lines, and economic opportunities.  BBNC EVP & COO Scott Torrison maintains communication with business line leaders through his bi-weekly discussions and frequent check-ins to ensure leaders are well supported.  Our communication has been enhanced with the use of technology.  Like other companies, BBNC continues to identify and leverage technology to increase its face to face communication with leaders across the BBNC family of companies.

What does servant leadership mean in practical terms? How can we apply it every day?

BBNC exists, in part, because of the systemic racism against Alaska Native people.  As a company built for the benefit of its Shareholders, BBNC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer who embraces diversity of any kind.  BBNC is proud of its diverse workforce and believes it is a key factor in its overarching success.  If there are concerns about diversity, equity, or inclusion in the workplace, please use your proper reporting channels to let your supervisor, Company Leadership, or BBNC know.

How does BBNC plan to operate considering our new COVID normal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives. While BBNC strives to balance its employees’ health and safety against the operations needs of its various business, BBNC is committed to ensuring that all employees can perform work in safe conditions.  It is important for BBNC Corporate and BBNC Subsidiaries to regularly analyze their workplace practices to ensure the right balance is present.  While some BBNC Subsidiaries have embraced a remote work culture, BBNC Corporate has adopted an in-office culture.  No culture is better than the other, so long as the proper health and safety protocols are observed for all employees.

What are the expectations of leaders to help grow Shareholder development?

BBNC works to ensure that Shareholders have access to educational resources, employment opportunities, and skillsets to obtain and maintain employment.  BBNC has embraced a Shareholder Hire mindset to support and encourage the employment of all BBNC Shareholders no matter where they work.  We expect leaders to embrace and support Shareholders in their various professional pursuits.

You mentioned expected growth in the industrial and seafoods business lines. Does BBNC have plans to expand into any new business lines?

Yes.  BBNC is always looking to identify its next business line.  Our strategy is moderate diversity.  We want to ensure we take the proper time, attention, and effort to identify, analyze, and select potential candidates to join the BBNC family.

Technology is more important than ever in light of our work from home and remote workplace dynamics. What technology resources does BBNC use to build efficiency and collaboration?

BBNC Corporate hired its first IT employee, VP of IT & CIO, RC Woodson, in 2019.  RC has hit the ground running to identify and implement various technology tools to increase workplace performance.  While BBNC was behind the curve, we are working hard to provide the best resources to employees.