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On November 10, 2020, BBNC held its first virtual Compliance and Leadership Conference, which was streamed live from BBNC’s headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska. Updates from leadership, a message from President and CEO Jason Metrokin, and a presentation of the year’s Leadership and Compliance Awards were on the agenda, along with a keynote address from Tim Sanders.

The resources and materials shared with our online attendees are included here for all employees as a part of our 2nd Spotlight on Compliance. Spotlight on Compliance celebrates the belief that every BBNC employee has a leadership role and the ability to increase that leadership potential when he or she behaves ethically and equitably.

Compliance & ethics Resources

BBNC offers Ethics Tools that are available 24/7. For information on the reporting process, what to expect and how to access the secure portal check out our Compliance brochure or Ethics Hotline poster.


BBNC’s Spotlight on Compliance is an opportunity for all employees to think about how each of us can Communicate and Collaborate better. BBNC is a world-class company, and our goal is to ensure that each and every employee has the tools, education and resources needed to play an active role in our culture of [i]ntegrity. BBNC Corporate will celebrate this year’s Spotlight on Compliance Nov. 16-20.

Compliance & Ethics Kahoot Game

BBNC has created a fun interactive game on Kahoot! Click HERE to create a user account and access the interactive version of this game.

You can also click HERE to access a printable PDF version!

Key Highlights From the 2020 Leadership & Compliance Virtual Conference

Compliance & Ethics Program best practices resource guide

On June 1, 2020, the US Department of Justice (“DOJ”) published an updated version of its guidance on the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs.

The guidance focuses on three “fundamental questions”

-Is the compliance program well designed?

-Is the compliance program resourced and empowered to function effectively?

-Does the compliance program work in practice?

It also sets forth the DOJ’s expectation that an effective corporate compliance program should evaluate and revise the risks that companies face on an ongoing basis, rather than focus on the risks from a single point in time, and should be adapted and revised accordingly.

To support our subsidiary businesses, the BBNC Compliance Department has created a BBNC Compliance Department Best Practices Resource Guide.  While these best practices may prove too large or too small for your specific industry, it provides general guidance on creating and maintaining an effective compliance program.

Please check out the BBNC Compliance Department Best Practices Resource Guide. We hope this is a helpful resource to aid your continued pursuit of extraordinary leadership.  If you need assistance to accomplish any of these best practices, please feel free to reach out to the BBNC Compliance Department.

We are here to help!



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Other Resources

How do I visit [i]nfonet?

You can access [i]nfonet, BBNC’s employee-focused compliance resource here.

Bristol Bay Region

View a slideshow of images from this beautiful and remote area here.

Culture Wellness Check

The DOJ guidance also calls for companies to measure its culture of compliance by seeking input on the company’s culture from all levels of employees.  The BBNC Compliance team has created an anonymous Culture Wellness Check to:

-Empower employees to Speak Up and Speak Out when they observe misconduct;

-Encourage employees to share candid feedback about their workplace experience; and

-Utilize survey results to create the strategic direction of Compliance and ethics resources, in alignment with the Executive Team.

Responses will remain completely anonymous and will be collected by a third-party vendor.

Please complete the Anonymous Culture Wellness Check and watch a short video below showcasing the importance of co-worker responsibility in our Speak Up, Speak Out culture.

Speak Up, Speak Out Video

Making decisions in the workplace is tough.  If you experience, observe, or otherwise know about potential workplace misconduct, please contact your supervisor, your Department Head, your Human Resources Department, or your Compliance Department.  Click the image below to view a Speak Up, Speak Out video.

Click on your respective company link below to access the Culture Wellness Check Survey.


Bristol Adventures

BBI (Contact Your Compliance Dept. for Access)



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