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Q: I just got some confidential information about a competitor.  I did not ask for it, but this kind of information could be very useful to me. What should I do?

A: You should not read, copy or forward this information.  You should protect confidential business information and only disclose such information when it is authorized by BBNC or legally required.

Confidential business information includes, among other things, any non-public information, including business dealings, potential partnerships or acquisitions, products, services, and financial information. Confidential business information also includes any non-public information obtained from third parties, including current and potential business associates or competitors.

Contact the Compliance department to discuss how the information was acquired and whether any disclosure requirements apply. 

If you have questions related to confidential business information, the BBNC Code of Ethics or other compliance matters, please contact the BBNC Compliance department. We’re here to help!

Fair & Legal Competition

Antitrust laws are designed to prohibit any activity that improperly limits or inhibits competition without giving any corresponding benefit to the consumer. Many people think these laws apply only in the executive offices of huge corporations, but in fact, they apply to every employee engaged in competitive activities. Even an informal discussion or understanding with a competitor can violate laws and incur penalties for individuals and BBNC.

global competition

In today’s hyper-competitive market, it’s a constant struggle to retain relationships with existing customers, distributors, and partners while also winning new business. The pressure to meet demands, generate revenue, and secure future business seems relentless. Some are tempted to ignore or consciously violate the laws and regulations that control competition in the U.S., EU, and many other countries around the world. Others think these rules apply only to top executives of major corporations; in reality, they apply to companies of all sizes and to every employee engaged in competitive activities.

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Where can I access BBNC’s policies?

Access BBNC’s Corporate policies here with password bbnc2019. If you have questions about the policies, please contact Renee Wardlaw at

FY20 Training

BBNC is proud to share three enterprise wide trainings for FY 20: Code of Conduct Awareness, Respectful Workplace (Harassment and Discrimination Avoidance), and Cybersecurity Lite. Trainings will be available from June 10th to July 12th via Bridge.  All employees are required to complete these trainings by July 12th.  For more information on FY 20 trainings or Bridge, please contact the Compliance Department at