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Q: My job involves contact with non-US based companies and offices. It’s often very confusing to figure out what laws and policies to follow. Is there any way to iron out this confusion?

A: Your supervisor is the best source of information about how to apply laws and company policies to your job. In general, our company obeys all U.S. laws as well as local laws. BBNC’s culture and policies are based on the values of honesty and integrity. You should never do something that you perceive as wrong, even if it is legal.

If you have questions related to compliance matters, please contact the BBNC Compliance Department. We’re here to help!

Ethical Leadership

If you’re seriously interested in making a significant contribution to our organization, you’ll want to pay attention to the concept of ethical leadership. Why? Because ethical business cultures have been proven to engender more favorable job attitudes among employees, greater camaraderie and cooperation, less deviant behavior, more reporting of suspected and actual violations and an improved bottom line. Not a bad list.

Beyond The Letter of the Law

When you drive your car, you accept certain legal requirements. You pay the fees for your car registration, drive within the speed limit, stop at red lights, and drive in the correct direction on one-way streets. But chances are you also engage in some sensible behaviors that may not be required by law, like paying for regular car maintenance, driving with courtesy and respect for other drivers, keeping an eye out for trouble ahead, and maybe even yielding once in a while when there’s no yield sign. No laws force you to do these things.  These actions show common sense that you’ve learned to apply in order to keep your life and car intact.

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Where can I access BBNC’s policies?

Policies can be found on the P Drive.

P:/Compliance Shared/BBNC Policies, Procedures, &Guidelines