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Q: I want to send a letter to my Senator, via our company network, expressing my opinion about a legislative issue. Can I do this?

A: It’s fine to express your opinion, but not via company e-mail. Even if you make it clear that you are expressing your personal opinion, the media or other persons outside our company might make it seem like your letter was expressing BBNC’s opinion. Remember, our mail system and all correspondence sent over it are BBNC property. By all means, send the letter, but use your personal e-mail or stationery.

If you have questions related to compliance matters, please contact the BBNC Compliance Department. We’re here to help!

Conflicts of Interest – It Means Something Different at Work

Sometimes, an illegal “conflict of interest” at work can be a normal part of everyday home life. That’s one of the reasons that conflicts of interest (COIs) can be so difficult to understand.

Do Politics And Business Mix?

Our daily lives are bombarded by politics—including its policies, personalities and drama. Every new election or proposed legislation brings a flurry of media coverage, activity and discussion, all of which help us formulate our individual opinions about issues and candidates. But where do governmental politics fit in the workplace?

Policies request

Please send policies, procedures, handbooks, manuals, and related documents to for inclusion in the Policy Library.

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Where can I access BBNC’s policies?

Policies can be found on the InfoNet Policy Library and OneDrive Policy Library

BBNC Training

In recognition of our unprecedented and ever-changing work environment, BBNC is proud to offer an optional training to BBNC Corporate and BBNC Subsidiary employees via Bridge. The “Managing in a COVID-19 Remote Work Environment” training provides helpful guidance on working in a remote environment, submitting proper timesheets and leave requests, and accessing Human Resources department personnel. Click HERE to access the “Managing in a COVID-19 Remote Work Environment”

The Compliance department is available to assist with the creation and distribution of trainings.  We are here to help.