BBNC’s operations range from engineering to medical staffing and beyond, and BBNC has managed to thrive as Alaska’s economy changes—and to pass on our success to our shareholders. Browse our featured subsidiaries below, or visit BBNC’s corporate site to learn more.

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Eagle Medical Services

When one hears the phrase ‘life sciences” you’re likely reminded of a general science course in high school or college. This seemingly basic description sums up what BBNC subsidiary Eagle Medical Services (EMS) does as a business, but it barely scratches the surface of the company’s scientific and technical capabilities, which are on the cutting […]

The BBNC Education Foundation

In a quiet corner of BBNC’s headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, a small team is changing lives for shareholders and descendants around the world. This group is the BBNC Education Foundation, a non-profit with the goals of supporting and encouraging shareholders to pursue educational opportunities, as well as promoting and preserving cultural heritage. The foundation’s team […]

AK Dreams Come True at BBNC Lodges

Bristol Bay Alaska Tourism (BBAT) is a newly established holding company for the expanding portfolio of lodges owned by BBNC. BBAT, despite its recent appearance on the tourism scene boasts serious chops: three of its lodges are the oldest in Alaska, and are the first fishing lodges established in the state in 1950 by Northern […]

Sanitation Solutions in Ekwok, AK

The community of Ekwok, Alaska, and Bristol Engineering Services Corporation (BESC) are working together to provide residents year-round access to a state-of-the-art landfill.  Concerns over contamination at the previous landfill site began 10 years ago, prompting Ekwok officials to secure funding for this project. The Ekwok Village Council and the City of Ekwok contracted with […]

Peak Oilfield Services, LLC

Peak Oilfield Service Company LLC has been updating their fleet of Kenworth 849 tractors (also known as SOWs) over the course of the last six years.  This fleet is made up of twelve tractors built from the late 1970’s to the mid-1980’s and were built to move large drill rigs across the North Slope of [...]

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