Training and Human Resources

BBNC has implemented a corporate-wide training initiative, requiring each employee to complete annual training on ethics and business conduct, and harassment avoidance, in addition to Enriching Our Native Way of Life, a module on Alaska Native culture and the corporation’s overall mission.


Recent News:

Protect Yourself, Family and Loved Ones During the Pandemic

Tips and resources to help you stay safe and healthy during COVID-19.

White-Collar Crime

We regularly read and hear about “White-collar” crime, even though the term may not be used. So, what is “white-collar crime”? White-collar crime is any illegal act committed by a person in conjunction with his or her occupation. It’s not a legal term but it’s come into common use in the last 50 years. Most […]

Conflicts of Interest – It Means Something Different at Work

Sometimes, an illegal “conflict of interest” at work can be a normal part of everyday home life. That’s one of the reasons that conflicts of interest (COIs) can be so difficult to understand. Imagine this scenario. You’re outside working in your yard and a neighbor calls out, “You have the best-looking flowers in the neighborhood! […]