Training and Human Resources

BBNC has implemented a corporate-wide training initiative, requiring each employee to complete annual training on ethics and business conduct, and harassment avoidance, in addition to Enriching Our Native Way of Life, a module on Alaska Native culture and the corporation’s overall mission.


Recent News:

Ethical Leadership for Everyone

Good ethics is good business, and every employee at our company can and should aspire to be an ethical leader. But it’s not always easy to set a good example and hold both oneself and one’s colleagues accountable to high ethical standards, particularly when pressures to “bend the rules” intensify during a time of tight […]

Ethical Culture through Inter-Cultural Communication

Diversity training often aims at enhancing the cultural sensitivity of employees. But a growing number of global companies have realized it’s not enough to help employees increase their general awareness of cultural differences. And so they’ve taken the next step and begun to focus on building intercultural communication skills. Inter-cultural communication is about learning how […]

The Code – a Road Map

You’re driving to a wedding. You thought the directions to the address were clear but suddenly nothing looks familiar. You drive in circles, turning the directions over and over in your mind as you anxiously watch the hands of the clock.  Finally, in a moment of clarity, you remember the road map in your glove […]