Training and Human Resources

BBNC has implemented a corporate-wide training initiative, requiring each employee to complete annual training on ethics and business conduct, and harassment avoidance, in addition to Enriching Our Native Way of Life, a module on Alaska Native culture and the corporation’s overall mission.


Recent News:

Complying with Trade Controls and Sanctions

United States (US) trade controls and sanctions have been enacted to enforce US foreign policy, safeguard national security, and deter terrorist activity. They are designed to control access to products, services, and information that could be used in ways contrary to the best interests of the US and its citizens.  As the movement of goods […]

Mini-Case Study: Code of Conduct Awareness

Browse these examples of Code of Conduct violations, which can result from not fully understanding a company's ethics and compliance expectations. MCS_Code-of-Conduct-Awareness_v3

Code of Conduct: “Making Ethics Real”

You’ve read the manual, seen the video, attended the trainings.  You’ve spent the required time learning enough about BBNC’s Code of Conduct and ethics policies to stay out of trouble.  That’s important, but is it enough?   Are you using what you’ve learned to make better decisions?  Did anything really change after you completed your ethics […]