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Q: I plan to work from home while recovering from surgery and need to have access to sensitive employee data during that time. What do I need to be aware of?  

A: Plan ahead to make sure the needed documents can be accessed safely from home. Use a company-approved, portable computer. Do not transfer or download data to your personal computer or personal email account, or to any non-encrypted device. 

If you have questions related to confidential business information, the BBNC Code of Ethics or other compliance matters, please contact the BBNC Compliance department. We’re here to help!

data privacy & security

In today’s digital global marketplace, the need to protect private personal information has become paramount. In addition, security hazards, technology and the legal environment around the world are constantly evolving, requiring flexible responses to changing opportunities and risks.

safeguarding pii

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is any information about an individual kept by an organization, including data that can be used to distinguish or trace that person’s identity. Some PII is not sensitive, such as what can be found in a phone book or on a business card. Other PII is sensitive, which means that, if it is lost, compromised or disclosed without authorization, it could result in harm, both to the individual and to the company involved.

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Where can I access BBNC’s policies?

Access BBNC’s Corporate policies here with password bbnc2019. If you have questions about the policies, please contact Renee Wardlaw at


Bridge offers the ability to create and share custom trainings across the BBNC Enterprise.  For more information on custom trainings on Bridge, please contact the Compliance Department at