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Volume 1, 2019


Q My friend wants to work at our company
and has applied for a job here. I’m on the
hiring committee. I know he’d do a good
job and I want to help him out but do I have
to tell the committee that I know him?

A Yes, you must disclose your relationship
but there’s more: you must recuse yourself
from participating in the hiring decision
involving your friend. It would be a serious
conict of interest for you to be involved in
hiring – or not hiring – a friend or relative.

If you have questions related to conicts of
interest or other compliance matters, please
contact the BBNC Compliance Department.
We’re here to help!

Everything’s Relative

Pierre’s project was in trouble. His team was working practically around the clock and still the timeline showed that they’d miss their deadline by more than a week. “We need help,” Pierre told his boss, Courtney. “And we need it fast.” Courtney authorized Pierre to hire a contractor to ease the crunch. “Take your time,” she warned. “You want to hire the right person, not just a warm body.”

Understanding Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal interests – family, friendships, financial or social factors – could compromise his or her judgment, decisions or actions in the workplace. Government agencies take conflicts of interest so seriously that they are regulated. Industry organizations and corporations, including ours, follow that lead by including conflicts of interest in our Code of Conduct and standards of business operation.