Commitment. Compliance. Culture.

Commitment. Compliance. Culture.

BBNC’s 2016 Annual Compliance Training Conference focuses on Commitment.

Leadership and key employees from across BBNC’s operations traveled to San Antonio in November to share insights and learn about best practices in corporate compliance. The two-day event, held Nov. 14-15 at the St. Anthony Hotel, brought 165 individuals with diverse experiences, skill sets and backgrounds together to discuss a common thread across the business lines – compliance.

The theme for the 2016 event – Commitment. Compliance. Culture. – concentrated on the group and individual commitment needed to create and sustain a corporate culture that engenders compliance at every level. From a keynote address on crucial qualities of high-character employees to important updates on SBA regulatory changes, the conference was packed with subject matter expertise and internal specialists.

“Corporate compliance is becoming increasingly complex and important,” said Chief Compliance Officer (COO) Sara Peterson. “BBNC has outstanding leadership, across the board, and their willingness to dive into these topics every year carries a strong message to employees, partners and clients: that each of us is committed to being the ‘I’ in Integrity.”

See photos and presentations from the 2016 conference here.